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How a family-owned business in Madison, Wisconsin earned the trust of the world’s most recognized brands

For over 70 years, customers have trusted us with their creative and marketing materials to transform, convert, engrave, compose, modify, and manage how their brand is represented.

We help connect their brand expressions in newsprint, catalogs, broadcast media, websites, social networks, and other channels so they can express themselves consistently to the market.

Once those expressions reach the right audience, they inspire people to take action.


Arthur and Emily Widen


Widen founded

Arthur and Emily Widen took out a $1,500 mortgage to start Widen Engraving. Arthur’s experience working in the Madison newspaper industry paired with Emily’s financial support from her job in the insurance industry laid the foundation for Widen.


Widen Engraving

Widen Engraving received and transferred creative and marketing materials from type and photos onto plates, resulting in newsprint. This process helped inform and inspire the community.

Widen Engraving 1948 - 1960
International Printing Week
Wisconsin Historical Society, WHS-98788


Widen Colourgraphics

Widen Colourgraphics received, composed, and converted creative and marketing content in the form of photos, illustrations, logos, and copy. We brought that content to life through printed catalogs and advertisements.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Widen began diversifying offerings and investing in new areas, like printing services, photography, and an R&D department that laid the foundation for future software services.

Widen Enterprises, Inc

Widen Enterprises organizes messages across a range of formats, like photos, videos, audio, illustrations, logos, and copy. We format and govern this media to help organizations creatively express themselves online, in broadcast, and in print so they can inform, entertain, and inspire the market.


First web interface for an image database

Widen's first web interface for an image database


DAM customer migration and formalized service

The creation of the development moose beaver Icon


The printing era at Widen comes to a close

Printing press wall after press removal, splattered ink on the wall


Digital asset management moves to the cloud

In 2007, we selected Amazon Web Services as the cornerstone for the Widen Collective®. Need arose for privacy, security, scalability, and access.


First annual Widen Summit user conference

The Widen Summit brings digital asset management practitioners and Widen staff together to learn, share, and build relationships.

First annual Widen Summit


Widen renovates to meet growing software demand

As the software side of the business booms, our office space needed to be renovated to foster the collaborative, cross-team culture that developed.


A "Freedom-Centered Workplace" and a "Best Place to Work"

We've dedicated ourselves to high standards of democratic organizational design and leadership. These principles have shaped our culture and unique approach to HR.

WorldBlu Certified Widen as a ‘Freedom-Centered Workplace’ and Madison Magazine ranks Widen as a ‘Best Places to Work.’


DAM-related apps: Assets, Insights, Portals, Templates, and Workflow

From DAM and analytics to portals, web-to-print templates, and proofing and workflow, we integrate the tools you need to manage images, videos, audio, and creative files.


In September, we opened a new office in London - Widen U.K.

To further serve our customers around the world, we opened our first office outside of the United States. We’re excited as our service teams match the global reach of our software.

Widen opens and office in London
Join us and 600+ customers like you as we take on the marketing and creative challenges of tomorrow.

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