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Implementation Services 

Widen's implementation services make you a DAM hero. Here's how.

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We don't just say goodbye and good luck

A stellar implementation starts with a stellar system setup. We'll work with your team from the get-go to educate and guide you towards an awesome site launch.

And because all organizations aren't built the same, we offer two paths for you to choose from.

Digital Asset Management Standard Implementation

1. We coach you

12-25 sessions (based on Widen Collective® package)
Our standard implementation is included in your DAM subscription. Guided by a dedicated onboarding coach, you'll go through a series of educational sessions that help you become DAM heroes.

Digital asset management Professional Services implementation

2. We manage for you

9-12 weeks, on average
Our Professional Services implementation is an extra cost outside your DAM subscription. Managed by experts from the Widen team, we'll do the site setup for you. We can even help administer your site going forward.

Software Implementation Services Customer Varian Medical Systems 

“The implementation was one of the easiest I have ever experienced. My manager still talks about how seamless the transition has been. The feedback is 99% favorable, and users really enjoy the experience.”
- Sandra De Biasi, Project Manager

We coach you - standard implementation process

A series of action-packed educational sessions

  • All sessions are one-hour web meetings 
  • Expect two to three hours of homework after each session
  • Homework should be done before the next session
  • Topics may have more than one session based on your Collective package
Digital Asset Management Implementation Plan
Kickoff session

Share site and launch goals, learn about each other's teams, understand expectations of the implementation process, and set milestones.

Site overview and governance session

Walk through a comprehensive overview of the Collective and the importance of site governance.

Security session

Identify and discuss security features in the Collective and learn how to configure site settings.

Search structure session

Learn about the different aspects of metadata and rights management and how to structure them in your site.

Uploading session

Learn different ways to upload digital assets to your DAM site and how to complete metadata updates and editing.

Asset engagement session

Understand the key ways to interact with your digital assets, including searching, ordering, sharing, and embedding.

Digital Asset Management Implementation Services
Widen's Implementation Services
Dashboard session

Walk through the functionality and key elements of your site dashboard, including messages and spotlights, that help personalize the dashboard for your users.

User management session

Learn the different ways to create, adjust, and maintain user accounts.

Role review and testing session

Test your user roles and hone permissions for different feature sets to ensure accuracy before you launch

Training preparation session

Put what you've learned into action by practicing on the Widen team first! Assess your administrator readiness when you train your onboarding coach and prepare for your own user training.

Launch preparation session

Create a plan and understand how to monitor site activity to ensure a successful launch, early user adoption, and continued user engagement.

Digital Asset Management Implementation and Training
Professional Implementation Services
Finale and celebration session

You've been coached through the implementation process and your administrative team is ready to go! It's time to celebrate how the entire process developed, set expectations for the next phase with your customer experience manager, and meet the expanded Widen team.

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