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How do Widen's implementation services drive DAM success?
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The guidance you need to get up and running

Getting your DAM site ready for use is the jumping off point for success. So we don't say goodbye and good luck as you launch your site. We work together with your team to get you up and running.

Lexy, Lanita and Emily

Kickoff-Icon  Kickoff

A brief meeting to share launch goals and walk through the implementation process.

  • DAM site survey
  • Identify global administrators
  • Set and agree to timelines
  • Assign homework

site-survey-icon  DAM site overview

Work with your onboarding coach to start the implementation workbook.

  • System overview
  • Q and A session
  • Governance
  • Gathering assets
Xuiming, Laurel, Michael, and Chris

configuration-icon  Asset groups and roles

Define your asset groups and roles, how they work, and how to assign them in your site.

  • Discuss your asset groups and roles
  • Homework: Workbook permission tab
  • In-site configurations
  • Governance
  • Gathering assets
Xuiming, Laurel, Michael, and Chris

metadata-catagory-import-icon  Metadata

Discuss site taxonomy and metadata structure.

  • Meeting discussion: Categories and metadata
  • Homework: Workbook categories and permission tab
  • In-site configurations
  • Governance
  • Gathering assets

training-icon  Bulk upload and batch editing

Deliver assets to Widen for upload.

  • Widen receives drive and begins bulk upload process
  • Meeting to discuss upload
  • Homework
  • In-site configurations
  • Governance

launch-icon  Site aesthetics

Share the information needed to brand your DAM site.

  • Meeting to discuss the look of your site
  • Homework
  • In-site configurations
  • Governance

ongoing-learning-icon  Site audit and user settings

Review site and user settings. 

  • Meeting discussion
  • Homework
  • In-site configurations
  • Governance

site-survey-icon  Train the trainer(s)

Walk your admins and general users through the basics, so everyone learns the most efficient way to navigate the site, search, download, and share.

  • General user training
  • Administrative training

launch-icon Launch

Go live with your DAM site!

  • Onboard users
  • Test your site
  • Adjust permissions as needed
  • Questions and answers

configuration-icon  Transition

A meeting to transition you from your onboarding coach to your Widen customer experience manager (CXM).

  • Set goals for the year
  • Meet with your CXM

Varian Medical Systems 

“The implementation process was one of the easiest I have every experienced. My manager still talks about how seamless and easy the transition has been. The feedback is 99% favorable and users are really enjoying the experience.”
- Sandra De Biasi, Project Manager
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