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Make better decisions with crystal-clear content analytics

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A bridge between you and your audience

Widen Insights reveals who uses your content, as well as when, where, and how. Use it to audit your DAM system and keep your content at peak performance.

  • Allocate marketing budgets based on facts instead of hunches
  • Identify and track your top-performing content and asset collections
  • Repurpose, retire, update, or emulate content based on hard data
  • Test your content strategies and calibrate your DAM system to support them

"We have all of our source files in the Collective where vendors have access to them. Insights helped us save hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property when a vendor attempted to download sensitive brand assets that we didn't want available to the world."

– Sandra DiBiasi, Varian

Easily Access Asset Insights in Your DAM System

Follow the asset trail two different ways

Widen offers sitewide Insights and Quick Insights. When connected to web analytics, they show a complete picture of content performance wherever your digital assets appear online.

Sitewide Insights
Get a comprehensive look at your DAM system performance.
  • With data on searches, shares, embeds, views, downloads, and more, you can see where your content really goes. Then customize simple drag-and-drop dashboards to track the most important metrics.

  • See how long the average audience member watches a video before clicking away, find the drop off point and revise your video to hold attention longer, and learn which keywords are most commonly searched in your DAM system.
Quick Insights
Have a quick look, then make a lasting impact.
  • Click an asset for Quick Insights, the at-a-glance view of asset activity, popularity, and engagement (views, shares, etc.). It helps your users share, publish, and repurpose your team's best assets.

  • Ask users to report their intended use when they download or share assets. That data will reveal what your users need, how they put content to work, and which brand assets may be overused.

Pump some content analytics iron

Measure the ROI on your marketing budget, gauge how efficiently your team works, and test your creative strategies. Empower your team with the knowledge to train for better and better numbers. 

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