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Insights - Content Analytics


Improve marketing efficiency with data-driven content analytics

Make marketing decisions based on real-time data

Marketers don’t have time for guessing. That’s why we developed our Insights app with deep analytics to show who’s using your content, where, when, and how. From searches, shares, embeds, views, downloads, and more, you can customize unlimited dashboards to interpret the asset data that moves your business forward.

  • Allocate marketing budgets based on fact, not hunches
  • Put creative hours into visual content that gets the most engagement
  • Measure your content performance and team efficiency
  • Promote your strongest brand assets in all marketing communications

"We have all of our source files in the Collective and vendors have access to them. Insights helped us save hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property when a vendor attempted to download a lot of sensitive brand assets that we don't want readily available to the world."

– Sandra DiBiasi, Varian

Monitor your brand two different ways

We offer the best content analytics in the DAM industry. Our two approaches – sitewide Insights and Quick Insights – present data from a bird’s-eye view and at the asset level. When connected to web analytics, Insights shows a complete picture of web and individual performance for your images, videos, and documents across all websites where they appear.

Sitewide Insights
Get a comprehensive look at your DAM system performance with sitewide Insights. Easily identify your best brand assets and use them to create a blueprint for content success.
  • Build custom dashboards or use standard ones to monitor site metrics, search patterns, user engagement, referral sources, and location tracking
  • Curate asset collections to analyze marketing campaign performance
  • Compare how different brand assets perform using Portals
  • See the most commonly searched words in your DAM system
  • Adjust metadata based on search terms to increase user adoption
  • Track assets by visitor, website, global region, and more
Widen Collective site metrics in action
Quick Insights
Access your content analytics at the asset level in just two clicks. The at-a-glance view of asset activity, user engagement, and asset popularity from Quick Insights provides a range of metrics to steer your content planning.
  • Identify the best assets to repurpose in other marketing campaigns and channels
  • Expire under-performing assets
  • Track video retention using average view time
  • Learn why assets are downloaded or shared by activating intended use
  • See where assets are embedded online and minimize the asset update process


Access quick insights easily on every asset in your DAM system

Put marketing ROI at your fingertips

Feel the power of Insights when you integrate the Widen Collective® with other marketing systems. Repurpose assets across platforms and extend their value for greater connectivity, distribution, and tracking, then use your cumulative asset data – via DAM – to optimize the impact of your content. That’s when marketing gets really powerful. 

The Collective integrates with all kinds of best-in-class systems, including:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) - Salesforce
  • Web content management (WCM) - Sitecore, Drupal, WordPress
  • Creative tools - Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Project management tools - Workfront, ProofHQ
  • Cloud connectors - Zapier, Azuqua
  • File sharing - Dropbox, Box, Egnyte
  • Social media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
To see specific DAM ROI models, see proving DAM ROI.

See measurable results across the content lifecycle

Insights is a marketing goldmine just waiting to be tapped. Apply the key findings from your data to these areas to best align content production with marketing strategy.

Content modeling
Plan your content calendar for the year and decide where to promote what content on your website, social media, and other channels.

Content auditing
Use DAM data as the backbone for your content audits and drive brand consistency.

Content performance and ROI
Gauge the effectiveness of your content, DAM admins, and marketing team.

Content beyond DAM
Repurpose your strongest assets everywhere to maximize your best content.

So, what are you waiting for? Use real-time, big-data analytics about your assets to fuel better marketing decisions today!

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