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Widen + Drupal integration

Put content at the center of your digital experiences with DAM and Drupal

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Build websites faster by making content easily accessible

Our Drupal module makes building web pages in Drupal seamless. Creative teams manage content in the DAM system while web designers have near-instant access to approved assets in Drupal.

Embed your brand approved video into your web page that meets your accessibility standards without managing a separate video repository. 

Access a curated library of images for your specific needs and select the ones that will  meet your needs and place it into your web page to then be augmented to meet your SEO needs and responsive requirements.

Widen + Drupal integration screen shots


Drupal + Widen integration sync graphic


Sync your newest Acquia DAM assets to be easily uploaded into your Drupal site builder

Rather than downloading and serving assets through Drupal, Acquia DAM will have your latest assets in your Drupal Media Library. 

Your Drupal Media Library will be syncing constantly with Acquia DAM

Map your custom metadata from your DAM into your Media Library Fields, such as Description.

Metadata values will be synced in Drupal as updated in the DAM


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Combine the power of Drupal and the Widen Collective®

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