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The Widen Collective® and TINT integration streamlines ways to gather user-generated content (UGC) from your social media channels, curate the best pieces, and share a genuine brand story with your audience.

Boost marketing performance and sales conversions by sharing original content created by your social media followers

Decrease the cost of creating branded content

Save time by scaling content creation

Increase trust and engagement with your audiences

Continually add fresh content to your Collective site

Make sure content rights are cleared by TINT for distribution in the Collective

Automate content creation from your audiences

Incorporate UGC safely across your websites, digital signage, ads, print, email, social network, and so much more. One click makes it happen.

Source UGC from social media via hashtags, keywords, and location filters and automatically import this content into the Collective after rights are cleared

Metadata associated with UGC is also imported into the Collective to support findability

Use the timestamp to verify the original creator, creation date, and rights-approved date for every UGC asset

Leverage rights-tracking features to manage rights approvals for peace of mind

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Combine the power of the TINT’s user-generated content platform and the Widen Collective.

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Terry Coniglio Director of Content Strategy
“We want to show prospective students and alumni what our campus is like on a daily basis. It’s hard for our staff to be everywhere all the time, so sourcing UGC from our students into the Widen Collective is a great way to achieve that in a timely, cost-efficient way and deploy these stories to our community. Tapping the creative perspectives from our current students not only inspires them to create more content for us, it also resonates with prospective students because of the authenticity.”
Terry Coniglio,
Director of Content Strategy

Georgia State University