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WordPress digital asset management plugin

Access assets in the Widen Collective® without leaving WordPress

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Save time placing assets in your web or blog pages

Cut out all those tedious steps of downloading and uploading assets from one system to another.

Search your Collective site without leaving WordPress

Use dynamic resizing to easily adjust image size

Copy a web-friendly version to the WordPress media library or publish assets directly to pages using embed links

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Work more effectively with embed links

Logos get updated and visual styles evolve. But just because the version of an asset changes doesn’t mean you should have to manually update the file everywhere it is on the web. Let the Collective do the work for you.

Use embed links to update new versions of assets in WordPress pages automatically

Track the views and video plays for assets via Widen Insights

Choose from several embed link options

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DAM powers your digital ecosystem and activates your visual content

A DAM solution isn’t just a place to manage your images, videos, and creative files. It’s a central part of your digital ecosystem. Plugins with CMS platforms like Wordpress help activate your content across the systems you use everyday.

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