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  • Customer Success
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  • System Reliability Engineering
  • User Experience (UX)
Meet our team
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Amo Adams

Integration Manager

Kim Andersen

Color Production Specialist

Jake Athey

VP of Marketing and Customer Experience

Deanna Ballew

VP of Product Management

Adam Bannach

Software Developer

Gregory Bartnick

Software Developer

Brian Becker

VP Customer Development

Dan Beghin

Lead Developer

Mike Biwer

Software Developer

Mary Blabaum

UX Designer

Nina Brakel-Schutt

Director of Creative and Brand Strategy

Ray Brereton

Cleaning Specialist

Kevin Brinnehl

Director of Site Reliability Engineering and Security

Frankie Buckle

Senior Customer Success Manager, EMEA

Xiuming Chen

Test Engineer

Cory Clifcorn

Software Support Specialist

Stephen Coakley

Software Developer

Jess Colaluca

Head of Training and Education

Jake Connell

Integration Manager

Tristan Dalgety

Technical Support Specialist

Conor Daly

Implementation Manager - Guided

Steve Deming

Client Services Coordinator

Karisa DeRungs

Cleaning Specialist

Stephen DeShong

Sales Advisor Team Manager

Ben Dotte

Director of Software Engineering

Nick Drousth

Cleaning Specialist

Julia Edbrooke

UX Designer

Rob Eddington

Cleaning Specialist

Brooke Emley

Head of Implementation

Mark Feltner

Software Developer

Wendy Ferestad

Client Services Coordinator

Kyle Ferris

Software Developer

Cory Forseth

Software Developer

Amanda Fraser

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Alina Freund

Senior Sales Advisor

Caroline Gardner

Implementation Manager

Nora Gehin

Head of Managed Services

Laurel Ghosh Roy

Senior Customer Success Manager

Matthew Gonnering

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Gregoire

Product Manager

Andrew Grey

Systems Administrator

Emma Gribble


Mariah Haag

Events Manager

Lanita Haag

Director, PMO

Kristina Harris

Office Assistant

Jeff Highman

Quality Control

Jordan Hinkle

Site Reliability Engineer

Mitch Hogan

Color Production Specialist

Nate Holmes

Product Marketing Manager

Liban Ibrahim

UX Qualitative Researcher

Emily Jacoby

Service Design Manager

Annette Jensen

Director of Organization Development

Jeremy Jepsen

Technical Program Manager

Austin Jones

Senior Sales Advisor

Melissa Juvinall

Managed Services Specialist

Michael Kiesler

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Kleist

Human Resources Manager

Beth Knibbe

Site Reliability Engineer

Jodi Knueppel

Color Production Specialist

Adam Knutson

Incident Manager

Jill Koshollek

Dynamic Imaging Specialist

Dakota Kramer

Software Developer

Denise Lancaster

Client Services Coordinator

Destin Lee

Software Quality Assurance Manager

Debby Leisner

Director of Premedia Operations

Lee Lemus

Software Developer

Kyle Lewis

Software Developer

Kathy Lewis

Marketing Assistant

Griffin Lochner

Test Engineer

Cecil Macgregor

Security Analyst

Margo Mahnke

Implementation Manager - Guided

Robert Majkowski

Content Technology Consultant

Nathan Mall

Software Developer

Kevin Mancusi

Test Engineer

Jason McAloon

Experience Designer

Keith Michel

Production Services Manager

Sairah Mojib

Head of Marketing EMEA

Jeremy Nealis

Motion Designer

John Nguyen

Test Engineer

Jason Noer

Software Developer

Matt Olcikas

Principal Engineer

Melanie Olsen

Community Manager

Michael Orear

Customer Success Manager

Ian Park

Dynamic Imaging Coordinator

Lauren Pemberton

Senior User Researcher

Adam Pergande

Agile Coach

David Petermann

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Becky Pfaller

Senior Customer Success Manager

Joe Phelan

Software Developer

Jeremy Potter

Software Support Specialist

Julie Randall

Senior Sales Advisor

Heather Reeder

Literacy Support Specialist

Julie Reineke

Release Engineer

Chris Rewey

Director, Alliances and Agreements

Betsy Reznikoff

Customer Success Manager

Natalie Richardson

Managed Services Specialist

Matt Riege

Process Coordinator

Alex Ritter

Senior Customer Success Manager

Courtney Roe

Head of Global Content Strategy

Lori Rott

Senior Business Systems Manager

Rebecca Running

Marketing Technology Consultant

Amanda Rusch

Content Strategist

Bob Samuels

Product Growth Manager

Mark Schaefer

Page Production Operator

Erika Schewe

Product Manager

Tracy Schnackenbeck

Technical Lead

Sam Schnepf

Senior Sales Advisor

Chris Schroeder

Head of Product

Michael Shattuck

Director of Customer Success

Dane Sheppard

Junior Business Systems Administrator

Pamela Sinclair

Implementation Manager

Mark Skelton

Software Developer

Megan Snyder

Central Operations Support Specialist

Lexy Spry

Communications Specialist

Sara Stanfield

Human Resources Generalist

Katherine Sterken

Office Specialist

Josiah Stewart

Product Manager

Chris Streber

Process Coordinator

Arun Subramanian

Software Developer

Andy Swenson

Senior Software Developer

Michael Taber

Test Architect

Danielle Templeton

Creative Technologist

Damon Tolhurst

Test Engineer

Leah Ujda

Director of Research and Design

Molly Vander Velde

Data Engineer

Anna Vo

Lead Front End Developer

Mandy Wagner

Head of Customer Success Management

James Wanke

Implementation Manager - Full Service

Toni Washa

Client Services Coordinator

Jordan Weaver

Software Developer

Kaia Weber

Customer Success Manager

Adam Wertel

UX Designer

Jesse Widen

Facilities Manager

Rome Wieser

Workflow Automation Lead

Tyler Wilcock

Software Developer

Brian Woestman

Software Developer

Kenny Wong

Shipping and Digital Output

Leah Wurz

Support Team Manager

Choua Yang

Technical Support Specialist

Sandra Yang

Production Artist

Theresa Zajicek

Global Accounting Manager

Louis Zimmerle

Junior Systems Administrator

“Widen is responsive, honest, and straightforward.
We ourselves have learned a lot about how to be
a vendor by working with Widen.”

Jeana Clark
Veritas Health


Our organizational structure

Working together to give you the best customer experience.

Widen-People-Abstract Organizational-Chart
Create and communicate value

Customer Support
Manage customer relationships

Manage and advance products

Create and deliver software

Digital Content Production
Create, enhance and assemble digital assets

Our values in action

We care. About our employees, our customers, and our community. When we do good, it’s good for everyone.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Funk Out Cancer
  • UW Carbone Cancer Center
  • Goodman Community Center
  • Community Support Network
  • Inspire-Madison Region
  • hopes - suicide education & prevention
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Services of Madison
  • Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County
  • Maydm
  • Madison Network of Black Professionals
  • Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
  • Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin
  • WorldBlu
  • MadHacks
  • Madison Region Economic Partnership
  • Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation
  • Magazine Literacy
  • Monona (Wisc.) Police and Fire
  • American Heart Association
  • Dane County Humane Society
  • Catholic Multicultural Center of Madison
  • UW Information Technology Academy
  • Design Like Mad
  • Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin
  • Family Service Madison

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