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Identify your strongest brand assets

Insights reveals who's accessing your content — when, where, and how. Use it to audit your digital asset management (DAM) system and develop a blueprint for content success.

  • View dashboards to monitor DAM site metrics, search patterns, user engagement, referral sources, and location
  • Analyze interactions with assets used in your marketing campaigns
  • Compare how different brand assets perform
  • See the most searched terms in your DAM system and use them to adjust metadata and drive user adoption

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Asset insights chart in Widen DAM

Follow the asset trail two different ways

Sitewide Insights

Get a comprehensive look at your DAM system performance.

With data on searches, shares, embeds, views, downloads, and more, you can see where your content really goes. Then customize simple drag-and-drop dashboards to track the most important metrics for your teams.

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Asset Insights

Have a quick look at asset performance, then make a lasting impact.

The at-a-glance view of asset activity and engagement helps users share, publish, and repurpose your team's strongest assets.

Filter down events to see where they are happening. Group events by time frame, file format, file type, and other ways to combine data in meaningful ways.

Export your filtered data to a CSV for further analysis or download a PNG image of your chart to include it in a presentation for stakeholders.

Use the Insights API to connect your asset-level data to other tools.

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“The Widen Experience is about having a team outside of your own team who is rooting for you and trying to make your system, your office, and your product better.”
Kelsey Bawel

Kelley School of Business

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