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DAM microsites your partners will love

Widen Portals gives your collaborators the power of digital asset management without the extra navigation, so they can get the content they need and get back to work.

  • Curate assets for dealers, sales teams, vendors, and customers.

  • Group relevant videos, images, logos, PDFs, docs, and brand guidelines together.

  • Use multiple portal types to promote events, product launches, training, and more.

  • Translate Portals to more than 12 different languages.

Enterprise DAM Software Solutions and Portals

Quick for you. Easy for them.

Create and share different types of portals with different audiences, quickly and easily.

  • Share your brand assets with partners and colleagues without training them on the digital asset management system.

  • Spare non-techies the details with simple share links, embed codes, and download buttons.

  • Personalize navigation, CTAs, sorting (e.g., by date), and branding the way you like. Make Portals public or private and embed them in other web pages or in Salesforce.

  • Measure when, where, and how Portals visitors use your assets. Use the data to retire unused content, repurpose highest performers, and replicate your successful assets.

  • Share large videos without hurting quality or clogging inboxes. Videos play in a high-definition viewer at any screen size.

  • Choose Standard, Brand, or Video Portals based on your audience and goals. Collaborative and Channel Portals are coming soon!

Portals for every scenario

Portals can support your product launches, sales material distribution, events, training, media toolkits, and much more. Check out how our customers use them:

Widen Enterprise DAM System User Trek
"Some people don't like searching in the DAM system, so we placed launch assets in a portal. Now those same people ask me, 'Can I get that in a portal?' They're a game-changer.

- Trek Bikes

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