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Create branded, personalized experiences to share and showcase your assets

How Portals works

Enterprise DAM Software Solutions and Portals

Curate and share brand assets with ease

Extend the power of digital asset management (DAM) with Portals.

Give your teams and partners access to the assets they need even if they aren't a user of your DAM system
Group and share related content, product resources, campaign tools, and brand guidelines
Publicly share or password-protect Portals to deliver the right level of asset security
Localize global experiences with the ability to translate Portals into more than 12 languages

Quick for you. Easy for them.

An easy-to-use interface makes Portals great for teams and partners who don't need access to a full DAM system.

Spare non-techies the details with simple share links, embed codes, and download buttons

Provide access to Portals by sharing a link, embedding them in web pages, or connecting them to Salesforce

Use Portals data to see asset performance, then retire unused content, and repurpose your strongest assets

Share large videos without clogging inboxes and play in a high-definition viewer at any screen size

Choose Standard, Brand, or Video Portals based on your audience and goals

Channel Portals are coming soon to help consolidate your product launch imagery in one gallery for easy navigation and distribution

Portals for every scenario

Use Portals to drive your product launches, sales materials, events, training, media toolkits, and much more.

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