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Portals - Curated Brand Experiences

Brand portals

Curate the assets that support your marketing stories

Personalize your brand for different audiences

Portals make it easy to present different groups of assets in a single, dynamic web page. Even a design novice can share a tailored brand experience with dealers, sales team, vendors, and more.

As an extension of DAM, portals are incredibly flexible. Embed them in existing web pages or let them stand on their own. Then quickly search, preview, and access the right content for your marketing and sales needs.

  • Product, retail, and marketing launches
  • Sales material distribution
  • Photo collections
  • Event promotions
  • Training, education, and HR
  • Brand guides and media toolkits
  • Sub-brand segmentation

See how the University of San Francisco uses portals to help their teams create content

Get what you need, then get on with your day

You don't need to navigate a large DAM library to access or distribute brand-approved content. Portals provide easy access to the assets you need, so you can quickly get what you're looking for and get back to work. 

  • Easily click and create great looking portal pages with preset templates, no html necessary

  • Embed portals in other web pages and websites

  • Share curated sets of assets with your sales users by embedding portals in Salesforce as a custom tab or custom link from Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and other standard objects.

  • Translate to French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, German, French Canadian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and simplified Chinese

  • Create private or public pages

  • Track asset usage data with Insights

  • Publish as many portals as you need for different audiences, there's no limit

"Some people don't like searching in the DAM system, so we placed launch assets in a portal – web and print ads, press releases, images, links to videos, in-store assets, the list goes on. Now those same people ask me, 'Can I get that in a portal?' They're a game-changer.

- Trek Bikes

Different portal types for different marketing operations

Choose from a variety of portals based on the work you need to do. Widen has Standard Portals, Brand Portals, Video Portals (coming soon), Collaborative Portals (coming soon), and Distributor Portals (coming soon)

Features reflect what each portal type does, but all portals have great things in common:

  • Hyperlink via CTA buttons
  • Sort by file name or date added
  • EULA and intended use at download
  • Insights analytics
  • Share links and embed codes
  • Responsive banner image with cropping, background color, and CTA buttons
Online asset distribution tool
Change the way you work today. Contact your Widen advisor or customer experience manager for more information about Portals.

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