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Widen Launches Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

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MADISON, Wisc., May 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Widen today launched a product information management (PIM) solution that enables brands to assemble and distribute marketing copy, specs, and assets with the Widen Collective®. The PIM software joins Widen’s flagship digital asset management (DAM) solution, offering a unified toolset for managing product data across multiple channels. The combined DAM+PIM platform will help companies in manufacturing, consumer goods, and retail accelerate product launches and ensure the accuracy of their product listings around the web.

Today, most brands manage product information using spreadsheets, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and product lifecycle management (PLM) tools that reside in product departments. The resulting handoffs between product teams, marketers, creators, and e-commerce managers require redundant data entry and increase the risk of inaccuracies. Marketing teams are liable to commission marketing copy, videos, photos, and other content based on faulty information. The risk of misinforming, confusing, or disappointing online customers is all too real.

Widen’s DAM+PIM solution solves these problems by centralizing product information and content in one system. The PIM tool ingests product information such as technical specs, sizes, and colors from an ERP or PLM platform into Collective. There, marketers can:

  • Assign creatives to produce marketing copy, photos, videos, etc. based on accurate information
  • Automatically route creative proofs for feedback, review, and final approval
  • Attach brand-approved, localized content to each product listing 
  • Syndicate final product data to e-commerce sites, websites, and print publishers

The key is that every piece of information associated with a product lives in one master profile. This eliminates redundant data entry, introduces self-serve access to product information, and speeds up distribution. There’s no more uploading and downloading assets to multiple systems or dragging various files into a maze of shared folders. If product information or content is updated in the master profile, the data can be syndicated again from this one location, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

“Online, the information and content you provide to e-commerce sites, reviewers, influencers, and other publishers ultimately shape perceptions of your products” said Jake Athey, VP of Marketing & Customer Experience at Widen. “The accuracy of that data and the quality of the content both make a tremendous impact on purchase decisions. Products are becoming information, and the brands best able to manage that information will have an edge in e-commerce.”

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