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Widen Professional Services

Complement your team with ours and realize the potential of the Widen Collective® 

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Real people, unreal support

If you need help planning, implementing, project managing, or administering the Widen Collective, our Professional Services teams are ready to guide you to greatness with a total service approach that never, ever quits.

We know DAM like no others. We’re real, we’re honest, and we don’t hide behind slide decks, suits, or semantics to deliver the goods. See how our teams partner with you to make great things happen together.

Creative Workflow Management Solutions Consulting

Software consulting

Your digital asset management needs are unique, so our software consultants will help identify the best ways to use the Collective for your workflows and organization. Widen’s software consultants can:

  • Configure your new Collective site based on settings that are specific to your organization

  • Analyze metadata, governance, and analytics to identify improvement opportunities in existing workflows and processes

  • Refresh the optimization and configurability of your Collective site

  • Instill confidence that you’re using your Collective site to its fullest potential

Workflow management and DAM system integration

Strategic consulting

A strong technology stack starts with a strong organization, so we dedicate an experienced strategy consultant to work through your organization’s technology challenges in person. Widen’s strategy consultants can:

  • Design a technology strategy that aligns with business goals and accounts for your people, processes, and technologies

  • Provide a model for strategy execution and measurement 

  • Lead change management to engage and motivate teams as they navigate technology changes

  • Create a roadmap for your organization’s technology goals, tied to your winning strategy

  • Facilitate process improvement to identify and test opportunities that build greater efficiencies

  • Strategize technology and map your people stack

DAM and Creative Workflow Solutions Managed Services

Managed services

Need someone to get your digital files from here to there, tag your assets, or manage the day-to-day work in your Collective site? We’ll make your DAM headaches disappear. Our managed services team can:

  • Migrate all of your data

  • Enter keywords, phrases, and other important metadata

  • Source an administrator for your Widen Collective site

  • Ensure current administrative training and support

Our teams are ready to help your DAM project. Contact us today to get started!

The one-on-one client service Widen offers is invaluable. Their team gave me the confidence to configure the Collective myself, was patient with questions, and had real-life experience in the system. Widen was committed to making my site launch successful.

- Beth Straeten, National Gypsum

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