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Professional Services

System configuration and structure, project management, and admin services

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Unparalleled commitment to customer experience

Whether you’re new to content management topics, need project management support, or are looking for long-term system administration, our in-house Professional Services and Customer Experience Management teams provide the hands-on support you need to make DAM a success.

What we deliver

We offer a range of services led by our experts in DAM and workflow.

Widen provides full-service implementation

Full-service implementation

Conduct internal discussions to determine the digital content needs of your entire organization. Does not require a customer-side project manager.

  • Virtual and on-site user interviews
  • Custom-constructed workflows
  • Administrative and general user training
  • Launch assistance
Widen provides full-service data migration

Full-service data migration

Organize your assets on a hard drive to be sent to Amazon Web Services, then uploaded in the Widen Collective.

  • Prepare assets
  • Review assets from all sources
  • Consolidate all content
Managed services can provide you with a dedicated system administrator

Managed services

Provide a dedicated system administrator for the short- and long-term administration of your Widen software applications.

  • Resource and manage Widen system administrator
  • Maintain up-to-date administrative training and support
  • Ensure the best suited administrator for your needs as your system expands and evolves
Digital asset management consultation involving key stakeholders

Digital asset management consultation

Ensure key stakeholders understand the central elements and best practices that make digital asset management successful.

  • Discussions led by our expert DAM consultants
  • User roles and permissions
  • Metadata taxonomy structures
  • Asset ingestion workflows
  • Asset distribution workflows
Workflow consultation

Workflow consultation

Understand how you currently do creative work and how you want to do it in the future.

  • Conduct one-on-one and/or small group interviews with key stakeholder groups
  • Technology validation to ensure the value of tools in use at your organization

System integration project consultation

System integration project consultation

Lead the discovery process for your custom system integrations that include the Widen Collective.

  • Interview stakeholders and technical representatives
  • Outline project requirements and project scope
  • Provide recommendations on development that may be provided by Widen, third party consultants or customer in-house teams.
  • Manage the development process and deployment process to meet deadlines

Are you a new DAM admin looking for best practices on managing a DAM system? We can help, just contact us.

The one-on-one client service Widen offers its clients is invaluable. Their team gave me the confidence to build the system myself, was patient with my questions, and had real-life experience in the system. Widen is committed to making the launch for my company successful.

- Beth Straeten, National Gypsum

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