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Suncast Streamlines Asset Distribution

Suncast is a leading U.S. manufacturer of home and commercial products, from outdoor furniture and storage to lawn and garden products. They use the Widen Collective® to efficiently share product imagery with internal and external stakeholders, across its lifecycle.

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Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth.

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Track and measure assets and build site performance dashboards.


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Suncast designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of home and commercial products. Their marketing department creates a significant amount of product-related assets, including studio and environmental photography, 360° images, product animation and video, packaging graphic PDFs, and product information PDFs. These files are used to create everything from packaging and presentation materials to customer websites and advertisements.

Before Widen, Suncast stored all of these assets in a file directory system. Although all the files were centralized, the system lacked effective search tools and access was limited to a small number of employees. Ed Cange, Senior Marketing Manager at Suncast, shared that this created a variety of workflow inefficiencies. “There were a lot of large image requests that fell on our department, and looking through the folders to find them was time-consuming.” 

They began searching for a digital asset management (DAM) platform to make their marketing content easier to retrieve and distribute. In 2018, they implemented the Widen Collective.


Make it easy to find the content needed for a job.

Self-serve access
Empower employees and external stakeholders to retrieve the assets they need.

Streamlined sharing
Make content distribution simple.


Robust metadata
The flexible metadata features in the Collective allowed Suncast to create a metadata schema, or system of fields and values, that is tailored to their content. This metadata is used to organize all the content and make it searchable. And with a range of basic and advanced search options, filters, categories, and spotlight searches, the Collective gives users a variety of ways to find the content they need.

User roles and permissions
The Collective's governance tools allow Ed’s team to control the content available to each user, based on their role or user group. “We had our own file system, which worked for those in the know, but we needed to allow other departments and partners access to the images, to speed up the process,” Ed said.

Dependable support
Suncast knows that Widen is their partner in achieving their current and long-term DAM goals. And if they need help resolving an issue, the answer is just a phone call or email away. “It’s great to know there is a human that you can email or call and get an answer back,” Ed said.

“The Collective has made it easier and faster to search for and provide assets.”

Ed Cange,
Senior Marketing Manager at Suncast


Empowered users
Secure, self-serve access to content in the Collective allows all users to download the content they need, when they need it. This means that teams across Suncast are able to spend less time searching —or waiting — for files, and more time on valuable work. “We have been able to empower others to locate images themselves, and alleviate some bottlenecks,” Ed explained.

Optimized workflows
The Collective has also streamlined how Ed’s team finds content and shares it with a range of stakeholders. “Widen has made it easier and faster to search for and provide assets…it is great to be able to send large quantities of images with a link in an email.” And these efficiencies pay dividends in terms of productivity. “Timely distribution of assets is key when projects or requests come in,” he shared.