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Templates - Web-to-Print Templates

Web-to-print templates

Create branded collateral on demand using your centralized digital assets

Empower your teams with customization

Personalize layouts easily, with items like location and contact information, using the self-serve features of Templates. Empower your sales people, marketers, and dealers to localize materials – like sell sheets, brochures, flyers, and business collateral – while giving designers multiple template options in the tool they use most.

  • Template management in InDesign: Create and upload Templates right in InDesign.
  • Customizable Templates: Define which image frames and text areas to customize or leave static.
  • Font management: Package and upload custom fonts along with the Template in InDesign.
  • Live Editor: Update customizable areas of templates without needing prior knowledge of InDesign.
Customizable Templates, Font Management, and Live Editor

Keep your teams and materials on brand

Link directly to your content in the Widen Collective™ and rest easy knowing your teams and partners are creating materials that are on brand, and your brand is under control. 

  • Secure, Discoverable Templates: Search and organize Templates by category in the Widen Collective, allowing different user roles access to different groups of Templates.
  • Asset Selection Control: Restrict assets for Template customization using permissions. Individual frames in Templates offer different asset choices for customization.
  • Dynamic Content: Link Assets from DAM to Templates via dynamic search.
  • Co-branding: Upload logo images for individual use when customizing Templates.
  • Print-Ready and Instant Download: Email high res PDFs directly to printers, send to third parties for approval, or download for electronic distribution.
Web-to-Print templates and the Widen Collective

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