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At Widen, we develop products, services, solutions, teams, and relationships that drive connected experiences – ones that make work smarter, faster, and easier for marketing and creative teams. 

Our business is a culmination of awesome customer service and 70+ years of rich media and creative workflow experience. We've got your back and deliver the best service around because it's how we're built.


Three reasons we're different


Widen live

The people wrapped up in our product are the gems that set us apart. From the Widen Summit, to Widen University, and Widen Workshops, you get live access to Widen's expert staff, innovative DAM peers, and an amazing pool of customers all year round.


Global presence and scalability

With over 600 customers and 368,000+ users in 158 countries, we're on top of the global market. Using AWS’s high-speed network and Global CDN, brands all over the world can immediately access and deliver content in the right format, for the right people, anytime.


Powerful content analytics

Our unbeatable Insights application visually depicts your marketing data to show who's using assets where, when, and how. From logins and keyword search to embeds, shares, and views, you can track relevant information and make future marketing decisions based on facts.

Why customers choose Widen

YETI Coolers

“We did demos with several vendors. Widen was professional and offered a high-quality product with well thought out features like posting to social media and version history.” 

- YETI Coolers

“Easy to use, intuitive interface and features for our diverse user base across countries. The ability to customize and use features based on our needs was paramount, too.”


“The analytics piece that is
built into Widen was an added
bonus that other vendors
didn’t have.”

- Brooks
Farmboy Fine Arts

“Widen’s database features, partnerships, and level of feedback from users create a continually evolving and improving system.”

- Farmboy Fine Arts

“The Widen Collective met all requirements and more. Our IT group was happy to choose a SaaS solution because staff limitations would make it harder to support otherwise.”

- Victaulic
Quantum Group

“Extensive metadata options, a differentiation between levels of interface interaction (client users vs. administrative users), and integration capabilities.”

- Quantum Group
Indiana University

“We use it as a full production tool beyond asset management. It’s our image catalog for our designers, it’s our asset management for marketing purposes, and it’s our production tool for our newsletters.”

- Indiana University
Visit Orlando

“Widen’s product fit the mandatory requirements, but the most valuable discovery was the forward thinking and commitment to their product that was clearly revealed.”

- Visit Orlando

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Get whatever you need with unlimited support – for questions, troubleshooting, and configuration – from our Central Support team.

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“Without Widen, we would feel like
we were in the stone age.”

-Life Fitness

Making brand management easy

Great organizations like yours use our cloud-based DAM platform to automate time-consuming project tasks and focus on lifting the brand.

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Digital Communications Manager
Institute of International Education
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Multimedia Production Manager
University of San Francisco

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Sheridan College
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