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The Widen Summit

An annual event for Widen customers

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October 8-10, 2018, at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI

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2016 Summit Webinars

Live your brand identity with DAM

Live Your Brand Identity with DAM
Jake Athey and Nina Brakel-Schutt

Getting ready for your DAM adventure

Getting Ready for Your DAM Adventure
Lanita Haag and Emily Jacoby

The hitchhiker's guide to user engagement

The Hitchhiker's Guide to User Engagement
Lori Rott and Rebecca Running

DAM Tools: Connect via the API

DAM Tools: Connect via the API
Adam Knutson and Chris Schroeder

Connect the content lifecycle

Connect the Content Lifecycle
Jake Athey and Deanna Ballew

Georgia State University

"I've been to hundreds of events in my career as a photographer, and have never seen one so well-crafted for the enjoyment of its guests and employees. The Widen staff went the extra mile to answer my questions, make sure I had fun, and keep my glass full. I left feeling more connected to the Widen folks and my fellow DAMsters."

- Meg Buscema, Georgia State University

An amazing annual user event

Designed to engage and educate current and future Widen Collective® users, the Widen Summit delivers hands-on learning and the chance to connect with peers and the Widen team.

The Summit is known for fun activities that inspire creative learning, including:

  • Pizza making
  • Rock-climbing expeditions
  • Nature hikes
  • Laser tag
  • Boat rides
  • Canoeing and kayaking

An interactive experience

Interactive sessions help you make the most of the Collective with topics like:

  • Mastering metadata
  • Managing videos
  • Using asset data analytics
  • What to expect in upcoming releases

A showcase for the greater marketing themes and DAM

We invite guest marketing influencers to present their point of view and broaden the thinking around DAM. Expect the list to keep growing!

Past speakers:

Bryan Smith - Adventure Filmmaker for National Geographic
Kristina Halvorson - CEO and Founder at Brain Traffic
Traci Fenton - CEO at WorldBlu

Whether you’re already using Collective or considering it to manage your digital assets, we encourage you to attend the Summit. It’s a great way to get the whole picture of DAM and have fun in the process!

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