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Workflow - Online Proofing and Work Management


Collaboration, review, and approval for the creative spirit 

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Enterprise DAM Solutions and Workflow Management

Spend less time asking and more time doing

Workflow connects the online proofing process to your digital asset management (DAM) system. It's flexible and easy to use, so you spend more time doing great work and less time sending emails.
  • Define project work, set timelines and deadlines, and send requests
  • Automatically route content to individuals for review and approval
  • Give the right people the right proofs with multi-stage, configurable workflows
  • Annotate content, compare proofs, and aggregate feedback

Everyone's input without any email chains

Workflow Management & Online Proofing Tool
Workflow Management Requests in a DAM System


Submit requests to designers, writers, and videographers right from the DAM system. Assign and change team members as you need.

Digital Asset Management & Creative Workflow Status


Check the status of any project and include the right people with multi-stage, configurable workflows. No toes will be stepped on.

Scheduling with Creative Workflow & Online Proofing


See projects from beginning to end with deliverable timing. Workflow emails reviewers when it’s their turn to review and sends alerts if they cut it too close.

Routing with Workflow management and online proofing


Route projects to as many or as few team members for review, comment, and final approval. 

Workflow Management Online Proofing System


Reviewers see an audit trail of feedback and proofs so they can compare how the project evolved. @mention collaborators to discuss comments.

Digital asset management and Workflow analytics


With Workflow analytics, you can measure your team’s workload and efficiency and see where the machine breaks down.

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