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Workflow - Online Proofing and Work Management


Manage work in process and streamline collaboration, review, and approval 

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Spend your time on the right things

Tired of struggling to prioritize work requests, collaborating in a black hole, and getting derailed by random feedback? 

 Workflow is an online proofing and work-in-process management tool that helps creative teams reduce chaos during project review and approval. It's flexible and easy to use, so you can spend more time producing great work and less time routing proofs.

  • Gain clarity with a standardized, repeatable project review process
  • Collaborate across teams in one place
  • Drive morale, partnership, and engagement with greater work visibility
  • Keep an audit trail of feedback
  • Let the right people review the right proofs with multi-stage, configurable workflows
  • Open lines of communication to improve efficiency and accountability across teams

Do it all in one place 

From digital asset management and analytics to portals, web-to-print templates, and proofing and workflow, the Widen Collective® integrates the tools you need to manage images, videos, and creative files across the content lifecycle. 

Workflow syncs directly with the Collective, so there's no need to stress about where projects go when they're done. Just approve your final assets and save them in the Collective for security and repurposing. 

  • Create unlimited custom request forms and update them anytime during a project
  • Annotate creative and marketing materials
  • Keep comments and proofs together at each review stage 
  • Move to the next stage without dependencies
  • Compare multiple proof versions in one place
  • Choose from approved, approved with edits, or changes requested
  • Receive email alerts for deadlines
  • Use @ mention in comments to tag specific people on your team
Workflow Management & Online Proofing Tool
Workflow Management Requests in a DAM System


Initiate your projects with unlimited custom request forms that funnel into the planning tool

Digital Asset Management & Creative Workflow Status


Check the status of any project in the review process and adjust as needed with multi-stage, configurable workflows

Scheduling with Creative Workflow & Online Proofing


See projects from beginning to end with deliverable timelines and statuses

Routing with Workflow management and online proofing


Route projects to select team members for online proofing, comments, and approval

Workflow Management Online Proofing System


Robust online proofing makes it easy to compare the most recent proof version against previous annotations, comments, and approvals

Digital asset management and Workflow analytics

Measure (coming soon)

Measure and report the efficiency of your creative workflow processes using insights metrics on your reporting dashboard

Contact us about Workflow to learn how your teams can be more efficient, more effective, and happier in their work!

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