Workflow - Online Proofing and Work Management


Collaborate, review, and approve project work 

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Spend less time asking and more time doing

Workflow connects the online proofing process to your digital asset management (DAM) system. It's flexible and easy to use, so you can spend more time doing great work and less time sending emails.
  • Assign deadlines for review and approval

  • Automatically route content to individuals for review and approval

  • Give the right people the right proofs with multi-stage, configurable workflows

  • Annotate content, compare proofs, and aggregate feedback

Everyone's input without any email chains

Workflow Management & Online Proofing Tool
Workflow Management Requests in a DAM System


Check the status of any project and include the right people with multi-stage, configurable workflows

Digital Asset Management & Creative Workflow Status


Route projects to as many or as few team members for review, comment, and final approval. 

Scheduling with Creative Workflow & Online Proofing


@mention collaborators to chat within the Workflow app or to tag specific people in the project feedback stream.

Routing with Workflow management and online proofing


Mark up proofs and review an audit trail of project feedback and changes.

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