Workflow - Proofing and workflow

Proofing and workflow

Streamline project collaboration, review, and approval for your creative, marketing, and product teams 

What problems does Workflow solve?

If you're on a creative, marketing, or product team, you're probably tired of guesstimating workloads, gathering feedback, enforcing deadlines, tracking layout versions, and having to redo work. We get it. That's why Workflow was made for you.

Workflow is a collaborative, online proofing and work management tool that gives your teams more control and visibility throughout the creative review process. Everyone gets a birds-eye view of project status in real-time. 

With Workflow you can:

  • Plan, request, schedule, route, proof, and measure work
  • Collaborate in one place during the project lifecycle
  • Automate project review and approval using multi-stage, configurable workflows
  • Annotate on creative work and marketing collateral
  • Document work processes and keep an audit trail of comments and changes
Digital Asset Management Planning Tool and Workflow Components

Keep your teams in the know, up to date, and on deadline

We've seamlessly integrated Workflow into the Widen Collective™ (our digital asset management platform), so there's no need to worry about disjointed emails, undocumented conversations, or how projects will be distributed when complete. You can streamline assets, collaboration, and communication all in one place.

  • Manage team workloads from a central source
  • Track deliverables and deadlines with unlimited, custom request forms
  • Change or assign work to different team members anytime during a project
  • Share proofs with people in multiple locations
  • Keep comments and proofs together at each review stage

  • Get automated warnings about missed deadlines or changed deliverables
  • Compare multiple proof versions at once 
  • Easily move to the next work stage without deliverable dependency
  • Control project approval with three options – approved, approved with edits, or changes needed
  • Move final projects to the Widen Collective 

DAM Content Marketing Platform by Widen

Requests within Your DAM System Planning Tool


Initiate your projects with unlimited, custom request forms that funnel into the planning tool.

Digital Asset Management & Creative Workflow Status


Check the status of any project in the review process and adjust as needed with multi-stage, configurable workflow.

DAM System Planning Tool Schedule


See your entire project, from beginning to end, with deliverable timelines and status. Click into timelines and edit them independently.

Digital Asset Management System Project Routing


Route projects to select team members for review, comment, and approval.

Online Proofing Tool Widen Workflow


Compare the most recent proof version against previous annotations, comments, and approvals.

Digital Asset Management & Workflow Analytics

Measure (coming soon)

Measure and report the efficiency of your creative workflow processes using insight metrics on your reporting dashboard.

Contact us about Workflow today to learn how your marketing, product, and creative teams can be more efficient, more effective, and happier in their work.

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