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A Relaunch to Reshape Their DAM: 2018 Best DAM Contest Participant Spotlight

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Read all about Melinda and her Best DAM Contest story.

In the final installment of our four-part 2018 Best DAM Contest series, we meet Melinda Lee from Kerry.

Her approach to digital asset management (DAM) and the Best DAM Contest is global adoption and growth, with continual improvements to meet the needs of users across continents. Learn more about Melinda and her DAM story. 

About the admin

The Kerry DAM system, or Kerry Collective as it’s known to Melinda and her team, is an international platform for sharing and accessing information. And with regional admins around the world, Melinda leads the global DAM team. That’s actually what she likes best about her job.

Melinda takes the stage at the 2018 Best DAM Contest.

Kerry first implemented the Widen Collective® in 2007, and relaunched the system in 2016. It is used by employees across continents and departments, including marketing, sales, R&D, supply chain, culinary, human resources, and finance.

Melinda has been in her admin role for two years, and her most significant pain points stem from not having enough time. “During the relaunch, the biggest challenge was finding time to tag and release hundreds of images to meet her goals. Currently, it’s trying to get all of the tasks or implementations done while still doing my main role.”

Melinda said her proudest DAM moment was competing in the DAM Contest. “It was an honor being asked to speak at all at the Summit. And the fact that Widen wanted to showcase the DAM, and thought what we were doing is helpful, was awesome.”

And for future DAM goals, Melinda is thinking globally. Her top priority is to expand international user engagement, and the admin team to support them.

Best DAM presentation

Melinda's story about her DAM site relaunch to re-engage and grow her user base.

The relaunch of the Kerry DAM system reshaped how and why employees use the Collective, to better fit their needs. Melinda said, “We’ve made it the best DAM for us, not the best DAM out there. It’s about creating a DAM that works for our users to make it the best experience.”

In her presentation, she discussed the key goals of their relaunch initiative:

  • Consistent use of branded assets: Before the relaunch, the DAM was not used consistently across the organization. Employees were using google to find files and save them on their desktop, and brand compliance was suffering. To help change this behavior they implemented single sign on (SSO) globally to make access easier.

    They also engaged and empowered key stakeholders by demonstrating ways that DAM related to their business. Users across business units and regional teams now have their own budgets for photography, and are managing some uploading and tagging. 

  • More than just images: Kerry expanded the scope of their DAM to include images and resources, and in doing so increased its value across a wide audience. It now houses videos, design files, brand assets, and templates; as well as guidelines for creating videos, social media, and adhering to the brand standards. By giving more users more reasons to use the DAM, engagement skyrocketed.

  • Portals on portals: The relaunched system leveraged the power of portals to improve access to assets. They built a hub on their dashboard as a central location for all of their curated portals, which allows them to seamlessly link portals to other portals! It gives users without the Portals app a single entry point for the files they need. And because some portals are configured with an access code, the Kerry DAM team is able to control what content each user can see.

  • Creating some DAM awareness: Finally, the relaunch included a range of promotional efforts. “What’s the point of having a DAM if no one uses it?” said Melinda. “So our goal is to create awareness so we have users.” Now, a DAM orientation is part of the onboarding process for new hires. The system is promoted on internal digital signage, on stickers that employees put on their name badges, and in a section of the company newsletter that spotlights how new assets are being used.

    They also hold events in the Kerry cafe to engage current and new users. Laptops are setup with a brief survey to capture feedback and ideas, and participants are entered in a raffle to win a free canvas or framed print of any asset in the collective. Melinda said that after each of these events the user count always increases.

Together, these strategies have reshaped how users engage with the Kerry DAM, resulting in improved workflows and brand compliance across the organization.

Advice for potential Best DAM Contest participants

Melinda saw the Best DAM Contest as an opportunity to share how her team used a relaunch to turn some weaknesses about their system, into successes. She’s proud of all of the work her team did to build a DAM tool that really works for their users, on a global level.

Melinda recognized that participating in the contest did require work, “all last week [prior to the contest] was spent sitting in the cafeteria talking to myself to prepare,” she said.” I didn’t sit at my desk because I was mumbling to myself, and people thought I was talking to them!”

But for those considering being a contestant in a future Best DAM Contest, Melinda says, “100% do it! Yes, it’s work to create the presentation and prepare yourself for it. But throughout this experience I got to meet three other great women who were the participants, hear their success stories, and branch out my Widen network.”

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