Capitalizing on DAM trends in MARTECH, part 3: content analytics and marketing insights

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Content analytics

In Part 1 of our Capitalizing on DAM trends series, we talked about content and experiences. In part 2, we covered agile marketing and speed to market.

In our third installment of the series, we’re going to focus on how your DAM content marketing hub puts the power of content analytics and marketing insights right at your fingertips.

But first, let’s quickly define content analytics and Widen’s Insights …

What are content analytics?

Content analytics is exactly what it sounds like. The ability to review what’s happening to your visual content throughout its lifecycle. In other words, it can show you hard numbers as to how much content is being created, what kind of content it is (video, images, logos, etc.) and how each piece of content is being used.

As we’ll see later on in this article, this information can be VERY VALUABLE in an organization’s visual content marketing campaigns.

What are Insights?

Within the Widen Collective we’ve built Insights — which includes an easily-accessible dashboard, along with relevant reporting tools.

Insights helps you see things like user activity and visual content performance across multiple channels.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things it’s capable of:

  • Quick Insights: tracking collects powerful data showing asset exposure across channels — for individual assets and collections, too.
  • Site-wide Insights: our dashboards are loaded with “must track” site-wide asset engagement and user activity, allowing you to compare performance of content in portals or common searches for a more holistic view.
  • Intended Use: Learn how, where and who is repurposing content, as well as when visual content is downloaded or shared.
  • Sorting Options: Use Search Results Sorting options to sort digital assets by engagement score, download count, site view count, and more.
  • Data Exports: Drill down into site activity by exporting data to XLSX. You can export user info, metadata, order and upload history, and more.
  • Google Analytics: Track and follow site usage worldwide with Google Analytics.
  • Admin Dashboard: Site maintenance is a breeze with automatic task queues. Quickly locate digital assets with missing metadata, track assets never ordered, manage versions, and more.

Case study: Carnival Cruise Lines

Insights offer a great supplement to your enterprise data and web analytics platforms, allowing you to track, measure AND report content performance across multiple channels.

With Insights, you can understand how visual content is being used across websites, users AND geographies. You can also identify top performing (or underperforming) assets to guide future planning decisions in creation, promotion and distribution.

Erika, at Carnival Cruise Lines, was kind enough to share a real-world story that highlights just how important these Insights can be to an organization.

In March 2015, Carnival Journeys was introduced as a new type of cruise. Journeys was such a new concept that people had a hard time capturing the vision. So Erika and her team produced a video for internal clients and their trade team to educate and raise awareness. Once completed, the video was uploaded into their digital asset management system.

The video received a cold reception. It was over a minute longer than Carnival’s past videos, and rather than focusing on one aspect of the cruise (like dining), the clip covered the entire Journeys experience.

Anecdotally, Erika heard that nobody wanted to use the video. So she thought, forget it, we’re not making any more of these!

But when she went into her DAM system and reviewed the Insights on the video’s share links and embed codes, she found that the video had been viewed more than 1,000 times — outperforming all of Carnival’s traditional video content. Over a three-month period, daily shares and views climbed 30%.

Their analytics on “intended use” showed that the sales team had been using the video in their presentations. To Erika’s surprise, the video was a success!

Content analytics

For someone in Erika’s role, it’s critical to have this kind of information available right in the DAM content marketing hub. According to Erika, “it tells me a few things: (1) our teams are getting the right kind of content. I know this because they’re sharing the video over and over again. (2) it tells me where it’s been viewed, so I can feed that information back to our marketing team. (3) it validates that this type of content is effective so we can budget for more in the future.”

Those of you who use video as part of your visual content marketing strategy know video production can be VERY expensive and time consuming.

Digital asset management software analytics revealed that Carnival’s experiment worked, and data proved the team should invest more resources and creative energy into these unconventional videos.

Case study: SeaWorld

Compare Carnival’s case study with what we recently heard from Brooke at SeaWorld ...

SeaWorld has a television show called The Wildlife Docs, that airs on ABC Saturday mornings. Each week, the production team puts together a package of visual content that includes a trailer for the episode, photos and the script. This year, they started including a blooper reel and behind-the-scenes footage, too.

Of course, this takes more time for their production team, costs more money and requires more time/energy for them to store and catalog.

Now that the season is over, Brooke was able to use Insights to review the engagement of these assets. So far, it looks like no one is watching them.

If this continues, they’ll need to evaluate the format they’ve created and decide if there is any value in continuing to create and manage these files. Maybe a revised format is in order, or maybe Brooke and her team simply need apply their learnings into the creation of future assets and formats.

Content analytics

Insights like this lead to savings on production costs, or implementation of a new creative direction that is more engaging. In Brooke’s words, “Insights allow us to fail faster.”

The Widen Content Story

Of course, we use the Widen Collective ourselves, too. It’s the cornerstone to our digital experience, and a vital marketing technology.

We use it to power every bit of visual content we share, including all of the white papers, webinars, slide decks and infographics in our Resource Library.

Here’s an idea for you to try...

Set your content FREE and be rest-assured that Insights will give you what you need to understand content effectiveness.

We’re using Insights to gauge visual content performance with more ungated content, whitepapers and videos, set free without forms, on

Content analytics

This is a great solution to encourage greater sharing and reach, while also harnessing enough intel to inform future creation, promotion and positioning plays!


Digital asset management is the central source of truth for digital experience technologies in MARTECH — powering marketing agility and closing the insights and action gap with simple, yet valuable sharing tools and analytics.

Using DAM as your content marketing hub will change the scale of your digital marketing, and help you capitalize on MARTECH trends.  

To use our wheel metaphor, a digital asset management system empowers your brand to add more spokes, reach a wider rim of your audience — and support a thicker tire!

Content analytics

We’re delighted to be working with so many diverse clients to manage all major phases of the visual content lifecycle.

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