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Designing a Video Distribution Experience Worth Sharing

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Video Portal Distribution

Creating engaging videos that support business objectives is a challenge. And working with videos doesn’t get any easier after they are finished.

Videos are massive files which makes sharing and viewing them using email attachments essentially impossible. Cloud-based DAM systems like the Widen Collective® support video storage, sharing, and viewing. But treating videos just like images and other assets doesn’t provide the best experience for these powerful assets.

So, our teams set out to design a better video distribution experience and created Video Portals. It’s a style of Portals tailored to the demands and expectations of working with video assets.

Optimized features for your Video Portal

Create a video playlist to keep viewers attention

Videos are frequently created for a specific audience and business objective. Whether you have a sequential training video series or a group of related marketing videos, present those videos in a playlist to encourage your viewers to continue watching.

In Video Portals, a playlist section is a carousel of videos. In playlist view, there is a currently playing video with the carousel below. Once that video is complete, the next video you selected will start to automatically play. Consider that while creating your playlist section. You can pin top videos and arrange them in a specific order.

Video Branded Portal

Embed a video gallery in your website

Instead of using YouTube or Vimeo to embed video playlists in your website, you can use Video Portals to embed a gallery of your videos without the ads or suggested videos that you didn’t create. This helps you keep your audience in an on-brand experience.

Keep your videos secure

Not all videos are for mass public consumption. For when you want to share your videos with a select group of people, you can create an access code for your Video Portal.

You can distribute videos through download links, share links, embed codes, or direct links. Select which of these your partners or internal teams should have access to before sharing the portal out.

Enable night theme to reduce eye strain

Working on computers all day can be a real strain on your eyes. One of the ways to reduce eye strain is change the brightness of the screen so it’s not lighter or darker than your surroundings. With the night theme enabled on a Video Portal, your eyes will appreciate the darker theme while working in low-light situations.

Track video analytics

Your asset views, shares, and downloads within a Video Portal are tracked to see which ones are the top performers. But videos go further and capture the number of loads, plays, and completions. This data is aggregated into a retention percentage to give you a complete picture of how engaging your videos are! Data displays in the Insights app.

A responsive player that automatically detects device and bandwidth to deliver the best quality video for your audience, always.

Try Video Portals to improve your video distribution and sharing

Video Portals let you bring the power of video to everyone on your team. With Video Portals, you can create a page to showcase your content in a layout that’s optimized for video assets.

You can even include non-video content, like training materials and spec sheets, to further engage your audiences.

Producing and publishing large volumes of videos can get messy and confusing. Check out our video management solutions today!

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