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Digital Asset Management Best Practices Webinars

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Widen Digital Asset Management Best Practices Webinars
We’re big on education at Widen. If fact, we believe it’s a key part to providing a world-class customer experience. On that note, Widen presents a number of educational webinars throughout the year to help new, veteran and soon-to-be Widen customers understand the key concepts in the world of Widen DAM. In these webinars, we dive deep into various features and workflows to help our customers get the most out of their DAM investment. 
Check out our most recent digital asset management education webinars below. They’re free!

Innovative Uses for Collections and Sharing

In this webinar, Sam Schnepf from the Widen client development team and Al Falaschi from Widen's marketing team take us through a number of innovative use cases for our recent enhancements to the collections and sharing features in the Widen Media Collective SaaS DAM solution. Personal and global collections provide an simple way to share groups of assets with your teams and the public within the context of a completely branded experience. In this webinar, we discuss the different ways clients are extending the power of their digital media collections using the popular new features in Media Collective.

Topics Covered:
  • Personal Collections
  • Global Collections
  • Sharing Collections
  • Stylized Collections


Get the recording and slide deck for the Collections and Sharing webinar from July 2014.

Rights Management

In this webinar, Sam Schnepf from the Widen client development team and Al Falaschi from Widen's marketing team take us through all the key rights management features in the Widen Media Collective cloud-based DAM solution. Many organizations supplement their own assets with assets they license from other sources. Making sure you are in compliance with usage and release rights is critical to making sure your assets are used legally. In this webinar, we discuss the different types of licensing, and how different features within the Media Collective can help manage these assets.

Topics Covered:
  • License types
  • Attached Documents feature
  • Release and expiration feature
  • Metadata best practices
  • End user license agreements (EULA)
  • Watermarks
  • Digimarc


Get the recording and slide deck for the Rights Management webinar from May 2014.

Managing Video Assets in DAM

In this webinar, Widen's Video Product Manager Al Falaschi takes us through all that you need to know about managing video assets in your DAM system. Video is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer's toolbox, especially in today's digital and social landscape. While many marketers are image management savvy, video adds a level of size and complexity that requires special attention and resources. Al simplifies these complex subjects and also provides best practices for not only how to manage video within the Media Collective, but also some general best practices for using video in your marketing mix. 
Topics Covered: 
  • Formats 
  • Metadata 
  • Repurposing video assets 
  • Publishing 
  • Archiving 
  • Best practices 
Get the recording and slide deck for the Managing Video Assets webinar from April 2014.

How To Do Your Own Site Audit

In this webinar, Sam Schnepf from the Widen Client Development team demonstrates how to do your own site audit to get a snapshot of the health of your users, assets and workflows within your DAM system. You'll not only learn how to perform a site audit, but also best practices on how to act on the result to increase your DAM system's usability and efficiency. 
Topics Covered: 
  • What to look for in your DAM site audit
  • What the usage data will tell you
  • How to go about changes and best practices
Get the recording and slide deck for the Site Audits webinar from February 2014.

Commenting Deep Dive

We added many exciting new features, improvements and integrations in version 7 of the Widen Media Collective! Commenting, one of our existing features, received some great updates that has unlocked a number of possible collaboration workflows. In this webinar, we take some time to dive a little deeper into the feature and show some of the possibilities.  
Topics covered:
  • Comment feature overview
  • How to setup permissions
  • Workflow examples
  • Best practices
Get the recording and slide deck for the Commenting Deep Dive webinar from January 2014.

Back to School

We often give demonstrations in our new release webinars. Sometimes we touch briefly on a previously added feature, and are asked by some customers what that feature is that we just showed...when in actuality it was something that we had added some time ago. We realize that not everyone of our site admins can make or view all our new release webinars to see these features as they are released, so we combined a bunch of the often asked about features into one webinar. 
Topics covered:
  • HTML system messages 
  • Spotlight categories 
  • Renaming conversion options
  • Watermarks
  • Advanced search
  • Multiple asset search
  • Dependent metadata fields
Get the recording and slide deck for the Back to School webinar from August 2013.

Dropbox Integration

Our integration with Dropbox is more than just a feature. It involves marrying one of the most widely-used file syncing and delivery tools to your preferred digital asset management system – Widen Media Collective. These combined platforms open up a number of workflows that can get the right assets to the right people, incredibly efficiently. 
Topics covered:
  • What Dropbox is, and how it relates to DAM
  • Use cases for Dropbox within DAM
  • How it will make your workflow easier
Get the recording and slide deck for the Dropbox webinar from July 2013.

API Overview

An API – Application Programming Interface – is often on the list of requirements for a DAM system, but many times the information about what it is, and how it will be used is not presented in a way that makes sense to marketers. We changed that and show how and why you would use the API, look at some examples and talk about how to get started. 
Topics covered:
  • What is an API?
  • Use cases & examples
  • How to get started
  • What to look for in a developer
Get the recording and slide deck for the API Overview webinar from May 2013.

Analytics Breakdown

We share great information on how to get more out of the analytics data that is being collected as your DAM system is being used. We give a brief overview of Widen’s Analytics and Exporter tools and discuss how admins are using these applications. We also give you some how-to's on gathering impactful site usage data to use at your next staff meeting, explain the difference between Google Analytics and Widen Analytics, and give you walk-away instructions on how to gather the data.
Topics covered:
  • Brief overview of Widen Analytics and Exporter
  • Discuss how administrators are using these applications
  • How-to's on gathering impactful site usage data you can use
  • Walk away with instructions on how to gather the Widen/Google data
Get the recording and slide deck for the Analytics Breakdown webinar from April 2013.

User Engagement and Adoption

User engagement and adoption is perhaps the most vital, and sometimes an underserved component to your digital asset management initiatives. Quite frankly, it’s because it’s typically at the bottom of the list. For many of us marketers, engaging users is common sense stuff that we’re used to, but it falls to the wayside while getting everything else in order. In this webinar, we show you why it’s as important as “all of the other stuff” and give you some examples of things you can do to help. 
Topics covered:
  • Initial launch to core group of users
  • Expansion beyond the core
  • Promoting content 
  • Gathering feedback and making improvements
Get the recording and slide deck for the User Engagement and Adoption webinar from March 2013.

Managing Video Assets

Managing video is a beast. Whether you’re a video novice or a guru, we’ve got you covered!
Topics covered:
  • Codecs and bitrates 
  • What should I store? 
  • Types of video (raw, edited, etc.) 
  • Current, historical, and catalog footage 
  • What conversion formats should I have? 
  • Embed codes 
  • HTML5 – What is it? How do we embrace it? 
  • Mobile viewing – Android vs iOS devices 
  • Roles and Permissions 
  • Metadata – what should be applied? 
Get the recording and slide deck for the Managing Video Asset webinar from April 2012.

More Webinars and Learning Opportunities

Vertical Webinars
If you’re in higher education or the agency world, be sure to check out these webinars:
New Release Webinars
In addition to our DAM best practices webinars, we hold quarterly release webinars for each new Widen Media Collective point release where we provide an overview of all the new features and functionality.
Be sure to check out our “Super 7.0” release recording and slide deck highlighting the new Asset Archive, collaborative comments, mobile app, Drupal & Wordpress integrations and more. 
View all the release webinars on the Widen resource library.
Widen User Summit
If you can make the trip to Madison in the Fall, we invite you to join us for the 3rd annual Widen User Summit for 2.5 days of learning, networking and fun! Get more details about the 2014 event and all the content from the 2012 and 2013 Summits at widensummit.com.

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