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You can find us all over throughout the year. Listen to us speak, join us for dinner, or simply network with us about event learnings.

Upcoming Industry Events

Henry Stewart Los Angeles 2017

Henry Stewart DAM Los Angeles

November 14-15, Los Angeles, CA (Sponsoring and exhibiting)
To round out the Henry Stewart DAM conferences in 2017, we’ll head to LA to connect with the DAM community and to learn from some of the best in the industry. Join Widen customer Jennifer Hurley with Clear Channel Outdoor as she takes the stage to share the Clear Channel’s DAM story. We can’t wait to hear it!

Upcoming Community Events

AMA Madison

AMA Lunch

November 14, Madison, WI (Speaking and hosting)
Join us for lunch and learn about Tech vs. touch: Digital connectivity or authentic engagement? We'll share the top findings from our 2017 Connectivity Report and discuss how creatives and marketers can benefit from applying the key themes of connectivity to their everyday work.

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 from 11:30-1:00pm @ Widen

Needless to say, we are looking forward to a great year of learning, sharing and engaging our communities in new ways. If there is a chance for you to meet up with us, whether you are a customer or thinking about DAM, please get in touch.

Recorded Presentations

NSF 2017 - Digital Asset Management: Corporate partnership and brand activation

National Sports Forum (NSF) 2017

Digital Asset Management: Corporate partnership and brand activation.
Zach Tarrant of the Minnesota Vikings presented along with Dustin Pence of Widen at the 2017 National Sport Forum in their Tech Tank competition.

TEDxMadison - Matthew Gonnering - Empathy in Business

TEDxMadison 2017

Empathy in Business
Workplace diversity creates a business better suited to meet its goals. Through Eudaimonia and acceptance of differences, empathy is a path to business success.

High Ed Web 2016 - Decentralize your creative files

High Ed Web 2016

Decentralize creative files and collaborate on your marketing efforts.
Learn about digital asset management, hear customer stories, and find out what it takes to be successful with DAM software.

AMA Conference 2016 - Elevate your content through consistency

AMA Conference 2016

Elevate your content through consistency.
This presentation talks about content marketing, connecting with your audience, and setting specific marketing goals.

NSF 2016 - Improve your game plan for visual media

National Sports Forum (NSF) 2016

Improve your game plan for visual media.
Learn how to improve your game plan for visual media at NSF with Michael Benford, Creative Services Manager for the Atlanta Falcons.

Winning with business storytelling

Winning with business storytelling in the B2B sector

The PVC framework to master storytelling.
This presentation talks about channeling other people, using an authentic voice and finding the connection.

Make your marketing run happy

Make your marketing "Run Happy"

Tips and tools with a focus on content repurposing featuring Brooks Running.
This presentation talks about digital asset management and the power of repurposing content today.

Powering video content with your DAM and CMS

Video, DAM, and CMS

Powering video content with your digital asset management system and your content management system.
This presentation talks about powerful web experiences, like you’ll see with This-Is-Michigan.com. They do a great job of sharing the essence of school spirit and campus culture.

Making time for the DAM good stuff

Making time for the DAM good stuff

Let's talk about DAM, brands, technology and you.
See how Life Fitness uses digital asset management to power creative and global marketing operations.

What you'll learn:

1. Commanding your content
2. The Life Fitness DAM story
3. Tips and takeaways

Maximize your content management strategy

Maximize your content management strategy

How to maximize your content management strategy with Digital Asset Management.

What you'll learn:

1. DAM best practices
2. Migrating assets to a DAM system
3. Characteristics of a good DAM administrator
4. Maintaining a DAM system

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