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Find the Best Digital Asset Management Software

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You’ve taken the plunge. You’re on a quest to find the best digital asset management (DAM) software out there. But the sheer volume of options and information can be overwhelming. How do you even know where to start? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of tips and resources to help you whittle down your options and find the DAM system that suits you. 

It’s all about the fit

A DAM platform that works for one organization may not be right for another. You likely started searching for an asset management solution because you’re wrestling with specific business problems. Whatever they might be — brand consistency, content management, or workflow issues — keep your unique pain points, needs, and wants at the forefront of your search. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the goal here is to find the best DAM software for your organization. 

There are many ways to begin your search. You can watch industry or vendor webinars, or attend conferences on DAM and marketing technology (martech). You can read case stories, articles, and white papers. Or you can talk to DAM experts — and your peer network — about the solutions they recommend.

Here are some specific resources to help you being your research in earnest:

  • The DAM Evaluation Toolkit: Through a series of checklists, exercises, and templates, this hands-on resource walks you through the DAM evaluation process. It offers an easy-to-follow approach to identifying your desired features and functionality, and finding the solution that meets your needs.

  • An Intro to the Five Foundations of Digital Asset Management: This article outlines the essential elements of an effective DAM system: governance, metadata and taxonomy, automatic processing, analytics, and create once and publish everywhere (COPE). Organizations that master these concepts are able to meet their DAM goals, and achieve the greatest return on their investment.

  • Justifying Digital Asset Management: This guide outlines what DAM is and why it’s a worthy business investment. It explains how major brands use this technology to scale their content operations and power their digital experiences. And it offers ways to calculate and justify the value of DAM to your organization.

  • DAM case studies: Often, the best way to understand what you want and need from a technology solution is to learn by example. Our library of customer case stories is full of real and relatable ways to use DAM systems to manage content, foster collaboration, and streamline workflows. 

  • Introduction to DAM webinar: This webinar explores everything you need to know about selecting a DAM system. It outlines how to research your options, develop an RFP, and use change management to ensure the success of your investment. It’s offered every month!

  • Software reviews: Reviews from real software users provide real insights into the value of various DAM solutions. Both G2 and Capterra are trusted sources for advice and lessons learned from your peers. Their cautions and recommendations can help you make informed technology decisions.

  • Analyst reviews: There are numerous industry analysts that help businesses find the best martech solutions for their needs. Forrester, Gartner, Real Story Group, and the Codified DAM Consultant all provide valuable, authoritative, and current market intelligence. Whether you take advantage of their free materials, paid reports, or consulting services, they can be a trusted resource — or even partner — in your DAM search.

So what about Widen? Where do we fit in?

We’ll start by saying that Widen is not the best DAM system for every single organization. Built for pros by the pros, the Widen Collective® is a powerful and versatile solution. But we are about the fit just as much as you are. 

We want to ensure that every Widen DAMster is set up for success. That’s why we established our very own criteria, which we use to evaluate how or if we match an organization’s needs. Have a look. If you find yourself nodding your head yes, the Collective could be the DAM system for you!

  1. You need a true DAM system
    We are an actual DAM system (and more). Some marketing technology vendors label themselves as DAM software, when they are actually file-sharing tools with extra bells and whistles. The Codified DAM ConsultantTM outlines 10 core characteristics that are required to be a certified DAM vendor — which Widen is. We take DAM beyond these core requirements with functionality that delivers more for your marketing, product, creative, sales, and content operations.

  2. You are interested in integrating DAM with other martech tools
    The Collective can be integrated with other software platforms you already use to extend the value of your digital assets and optimize workflows. We offer a range of out-of-the-box integrations, as well as custom integrations using our API. And for those seeking product information management (PIM) capabilities, Widen has a combined DAM+PIM solution. This flexibility allows you to build a digital ecosystem that’s right for you.

  3. You want a partner, not only a tool
    While the Collective is a self-service platform, we want to be part of your team as your content needs evolve. We see our client relationships as partnerships that begin with the very first contact with our advisor team. We are just as committed to your long-term success as you are, and pride ourselves on outstanding, empathetic customer service and support

  4. You want a solution with a proven track record
    Widen has been recognized for its innovation and industry leadership throughout our 72-year history. Our recent awards include the Martech Breakthrough Award, the ClickZ MarTech Award for Best DAM Platform, CODiE Award for Software Company of the Year, and KM World Trend-Setting Product. We author articles and thought leadership via our blog and inindustry publications. And we are proud of our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer experience and loyalty. In the Enterprise Software industry, an NPS score of 44 is considered excellent, and our current score is 46! Pair this with a high employee retention rate, and we believe we are on the right track.

What’s your criteria?

If you still need a little extra guidance, or would like to schedule a demo of the Widen Collective, talk to a Widen advisor today. We’re happy to help you assess your needs and determine which DAM system is best for you (even if it isn’t ours). 

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