Insights: Use analytic data in Media Collective to drive content strategy

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After the DAM Insights session at the Widen Summit, I'm excited to share how data on your digital assets can answer questions and drive decision making. Insights is a new application in the Media Collective that gives you data on how and where asset collections are being used.

When I started sketching out my article, I laid out the story in terms of before (or old normal), during (or change), and after (new normal). I flipped through my notes with the intention of building the article out based on before DAM Insights and the after DAM Insights when I realized that Mark Feltner and Libby Maurer had already done that for me, in the form of a “Not this...This” slide. Behold:

Before Insights

Life before Insights is the “Not This.”

  • No clear goals
  • Dispersed data
  • Guessing
  • Instincts and feelings
  • Tracking too much
  • No team alignment

It’s a general list that points to the lack of information on how assets are performing. Not included on that list are creating manual reports, lack of data on return on investment (ROI) in the Media Collective, and no comparison of assets across groups.Life before Insights is clearly illustrated in a Widen customer survey from August 2015. Only 46% of respondents reported that they know what their most effective assets are. 50% said they currently measure asset utilization. That’s around half of Media Collective users saying they don’t have a lot of information on their digital assets.

Enter Insights

Insights is an application within the Media Collective that give you data on how assets are being used, allows you to review their performance across channels, and better understand the ROI of your DAM site. It answers two key questions:

  1. How are my assets being used and how are they performing? and
  2. How is my site performing?

And it answers those questions with easy-to-understand dashboards, charts, and customized queries. Below are some ways you can use Insights.

Global admin: Share increased efficiency since purchasing a DAM system by showing how much time and salary has been saved when someone(s) does not spend time searching and sharing digital assets. The presenters shared an ROI calculator on you can use to find out how much money you are saving if you use a DAM.

Product or brand manager: Evaluate marketing content during and after a new product launch to determine which assets people are engaging with and which are under performing.

Webmaster: Embed photos, videos, and documents on websites and see which assets are getting the most views.


After Insights

Life with Insights is “This!”
  • Measurable goals
  • Centralized data
  • Knowing
  • Facts
  • Track a few things
  • Share findings

You are the hero. You can show up to marketing meetings with detailed information on who is using your assets, where they are being used, and how they are performing. Ok, maybe it’s not that simple.As digital asset management takes a more central role in many marketing departments, Insights plays an important role by showing who is viewing and downloading your assets externally. Knowing how assets perform can inform content development and allow you (or your company) to make informed decisions on content strategy and marketing.Feltner and Maurer shared a real-life example of Insights in action when they discussed the Widen website re-design. As part of organizing resources, the marketing team wanted to know which of their downloadable pdf resources were the most popular. In other words, they want to know what people want.To get that information, all the marketing assets were moved into one collection and the Insights team reviewed views and downloads over a three month period. The result is a tidy list of the most popular assets – information the marketing team will use as they populate the new website.

Insight tips

If you are wondering how to get started with Insights, get curious! Start with one small piece of data. For example, you can start with the “big numbers” on the Insights dashboard. The big numbers show site metrics like logins, downloads, uploads, and view over a period of time. They are a great place to start poking around in Insights.After you get a feel for it, you can start to combine data with context to answer questions, share that data, and act on it. See the full slides from “DAM Insights: How to use data to drive content strategy” by Mark Feltner and Libby Maurer.


The session will also be presented on Wednesday, January 20 as part of the Widen Summit Webinar series. Register directly for the session here.

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