The Rise of Video in the Enterprise

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The video asset is a rising star when it comes to improving marketing performance and bringing a brand message to the market. More and more, companies are investing in the creation, management and distribution of video assets.

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Widen wholly embraces the complexities of understanding the make-up and management of video files. To make sure that we understood the video environment, we launched a video studio at Widen to assist with our own marketing initiatives and gain an in depth understanding of video workflows. Our marketing team deployed video production as an element of our marketing strategy not only to get the benefit of driving brand awareness and revenue, but also to help the organization and other customers understand video workflows.

Widen makes moves to embrace marketing's need to distribute video to their target markets now and into the future. Current Widen video asset management functionality includes automatic preview generation, transcoding on-the-fly to different formats, and embed links. There are two distinct advantages to embed links with every asset that is entered into the Widen digital asset management system – (1) the concept of one internet, one file and (2) scalable infrastructure. 

Embed links allow users to simply take an embed code that's preset to a specific size and then embed that in another website or thousands of websites. When a video is expired or you want to change that video out to a more updated version, you change it in one place – the digital asset management system – and every other website using that embed link will automatically inherit the update.

The second benefit to embed links is a scalable infrastructure. Customers use Widen bandwidth, CDNs and scale power from our use of cloud computing resources. When you want to go from 1,000 views to 100,000 views or to one million views, we scale to meet that demand and scale it back down as needed.

Learn more about Widen’s Video Asset Management application.




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