Top Digital Media Challenges for the Modern Marketer

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With the advent of social media and increased bandwidth in many areas, digital media has become an inherent aspect of modern day marketing. Radio ads and even television commercials can barely compare to the potential marketing power presented by social media and the Internet in general. This is because with social media, instead of ads broadcasted to a fairly wide range of listeners and viewers, marketers have the opportunity to directly market to potential clients with focused strategies and campaigns that go to the heart of niches.

Despite its obvious benefits and the necessity for marketers to use social media in their digital media campaigns, it can sometimes be challenging to effectively use because the social media revolution is still in a stage of development and moves forward so quickly that it can be difficult to predict what may work or fail in terms of marketing.

Top Digital Media Challenges for the Modern MarketerIn addition to this challenge faced by the modern marketer, some of the other top challenges to marketing with digital media are:

    • Distributing large files, videos in particular. Videos are proven, powerful marketing assets but their large size can present difficulties and obstacles to their distribution. Many are too large for emails and they quickly take up valuable digital storage space in the office.


    • Quickly acquiring a variety of digital media to have assets that fit every situation. Modern marketers need to be prepared for taking advantage of situations that rapidly come and go now that we live in a world where something as mundane as a popular family video can go viral and get literally millions of views on YouTube in a few days. Modern marketers who have digital media immediately available at all times for goldmine marketing opportunities will be prepared for such occasions but the challenge is having immediate access to quality marketing assets, once again in part because of their large size.


  • Knowing which digital media will be a marketing asset. Even if a modern marketer has hundreds of digital media files to choose from, he or she can’t know which file will result in sales unless it has already been tested in the field.

There is more than one answer for dealing with such challenges but Digital Asset Management Tools such as the Software as a Service solutions provided by Widen provides DAM tools to all of the above in one easy to use platform. Modern marketers will more readily know which digital media assets work best with social media and elsewhere because they will have access to materials used by other team members in similar situations along with comments and analytics on performance and ROI of the digital media in question. Any problems and frustrations associated with online video management storage will be a null point since all files will be stored at large capacity sites out of the office and will be shared with other team members via that point. Having all of the marketing material stored and available online within an online digital asset management platform shared by many other users who upload marketing assets also solves the problem of quickly acquiring marketing materials for every occasion.

Widen offers a free trial of DAM software for an indefinite period and at no obligation so modern marketers can see for themselves how DAM provides solutions to modern marketing challenges.

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