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Intro to the Brand Management Maturity Model:

A guide to assessing your Widen Collective® maturity

Whether you’ve been using the Widen Collective® for months or years, you might be wondering: How are we doing? 

Are we getting the most value out of the platform? Where can we improve? How can we do more? What should we do next?

Your answer: the Brand Management Maturity Model. 

This assessment tool outlines digital asset management (DAM) performance metrics across five key areas — strategy, people, process, technology, and impact — to help Widen customers evaluate their use of DAM and identify growth opportunities. 

In this webinar, Jake Athey, Widen’s VP of Marketing and Customer Experience, and Lexy Spry, Communications Specialist, will explain how to use the Widen Brand Management Maturity Model to benchmark your DAM success. In addition, you’ll learn how to:

  • Enhance your Collective experience to drive stronger brand management practices
  • Use resources like governance planning documents, marketing technology (martech) stack maps, and success metrics to inform DAM strategic planning
  • Understand your use of DAM in the context of other Widen customers
  • Partner with Widen to achieve your DAM goals, together

“DAM consistency creates brand consistency.”
- Jake Athey

Learn how the Brand Management Maturity Model can help you advance your DAM practice...and reap the benefits.