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Creative Management

The creative process powers captivating content and unforgettable marketing campaigns. Align your creative and marketing teams with the Widen Collective®.

Enterprise DAM Creative Asset Management Solutions

More creation, less frustration

The Widen Collective connects creative files and processes with
marketing themes, timelines, and distribution strategies.
Enterprise DAM Content Marketing Hub

Centralize communication, proofing, and analytics into one workflow.

Enterprise DAM Software is Your One Central Source

Deliver and share content across channels from one secure source.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management and Efficiency

Meet your timelines with heightened productivity and streamlined collaboration.

See how the Collective is a single source of truth for creatives.

DAM the busywork

Creative Asset Management Software Integrations Creative Workflow Management Solutions Creative Asset Management Self Serve Access

Integrate where it counts

From Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud to SitecoreSitecore, SharePoint, Slack, and Salesforce, we connect the creative and marketing stacks. Never lose track of your creative files again.

Flow with the work

Bring content requests, feedback, proofing, review, and approvals into one workflow and conversation feed. You won’t miss the back-and-forth email chains.

Buffet your content

Give marketers and salespeople self-serve access to approved, easy-to-find content. You’ll save time for creative work and eliminate bottlenecks in publishing.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management Software COPE Creative Work Management Campaign Tracking Global to Local Enterprise DAM Solutions


Create once, publish everywhere. The Widen Collective makes it easy to reuse and repurpose digital assets across all channels and audiences.

Discover what worked

Give your creative and marketing teams a shared set of content and performance analytics. Find out who’s using your content, when, where, and how then calibrate your strategy.

Global to local

Share assets with your international marketing and creative teams through branded portals. Let native experts localize content for different cultures and languages.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management User Latrisha

“I had to literally babysit jobs using file folders and printouts of artwork, running them around to proof. If I stopped doing that, all jobs would stop.”

- Latrisha Eilers, Production Design Supervisor, Spectrum Brands

Built with 70 years of empathy





You take on creative projects with speed, ingenuity, and intensity. Let the Widen Collective eliminate distractions and streamline collaboration with marketing so that you can stay focused.

  • Widen Workflow puts project requests, timelines, and feedback in one place. You’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to improve it.

  • Connect the Widen Collective to Adobe Creative Cloud so that you can access, create, and save files without flipping between systems.

  • Let marketers and salespeople find final, approved content with intuitive search and browsing tools. Users permissions ensure that they won’t use old drafts accidentally.

Creative Asset Management Software for Creators


Great content elevates your brand, attracts buyers, and closes deals. Use the Widen Collective to coordinate work with creators, organize content, and launch campaigns on schedule.

  • Review and annotate proofs in one central location. Widen Workflow aggregates all comments so that reviewers can give consistent, clear feedback.

  • Funnel every piece of content into the Widen Collective, where it can be managed, searched, shared, distributed, and tracked with ease.

  • Measure the performance of individual assets so that you can provide creators with data-driven feedback and more strategic project requests.

Creative Asset Management Software for Marketers


You focus on operational efficiency so that creators and marketers can deliver quality assets on time. Use the Widen Collective to support creative timelines and compliance standards.

  • Put project requests, timelines, review, and approval into one tool made for cross-team collaboration.

  • Sync data across your martech platforms with Widen’s managed integrations.

  • Centralize asset management and set permissions to ensure that marketing and sales can find approved content fast.

Creative Asset Management for Technologists
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