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Marketing resource management

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What is marketing resource management?

Marketing resource management (MRM) is software that unifies marketing people, processes, and technology into one system. An MRM solution can power your marketing strategy while saving time and costs. Bottom line, MRM makes marketing more deliberate.

MRM emerged because our digital, multichannel world can be complex, competitive, and opaque. Marketers have been under pressure to produce more content in less time for an audience that has high standards and low attention spans. MRM provides a competitive edge by taking marketing workflows off people’s desktops and into a shared platform.

Widen’s MRM tools recognize that marketers work at their highest potential when software eliminates their busywork, bottlenecks, and siloes. Marketing professionals want to focus on things that no machine can do: creative work, problem-solving, and face-to-face interactions.

So, marketing teams use MRM tools to:

Organize project requests, reviews, proofing, approvals, and communication in a way that makes sense to marketers and their partners

Democratize access to approved photos, videos, graphics, and templates with self-serve, branded portals

Crunch the numbers on content so marketers have
insight on what worked, what didn’t, and what should be created next

Remix, repurpose, and mashup assets to get the maximum return on investment from every piece of content

Sunset content that has become outdated for the brand or expired from a licensing standpoint

The Widen Collective®, our enterprise content management platform, includes everything you need to succeed at marketing resource management.

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Who needs marketing resource management?

Creators prize focused work, freedom from distraction, and rigorous feedback. They don’t want to get sucked into endless email chains with out-of-context critiques. They want it all consolidated in one, visible place. That way, they can listen to their colleagues and improve creative projects in the fewest number of versions. 

Marketers oversee the wider work of launching products and campaigns. Marketing content fits into a broader strategy that could span websites, social media, print collateral, external media, and numerous other channels. They want to empower creators to do their best work in a timely, cost-effective way. They lean on marketing technologists to provide the technical capabilities they need to execute their strategy.

IT professionals, the wizards behind marketing technology (martech) stacks, want to make critical systems play nice through integrations. They aim to minimize downloads, uploads, and other manual handoffs. In their nirvana, the MRM tools sync flawlessly with CMS, CRM, PIM, collaboration platforms, and other essentials. Secure platforms supported by world-class infrastructure help them sleep at night.

Benefits of marketing resource management

Cleans up busywork so that creators can get into a flow and get clear feedback without worrying about version control and the all-day grind of triaging emails.

Tracks content through every stage of development so marketers know what to expect, when to deploy it, and how best to use it.

Syncs and deploys assets across the martech stack, eliminating the integration headaches, licensing mess-ups, and custom coding projects that often haunt marketing technologists.

Secures your assets in a central source of truth where permission, roles, and metadata ensure that content is used in consistent, brand-approved ways.

Curates portals with content tailored to retailers, distributors, PR partners, social media marketers, salespeople, and other user groups.

Measures downloads, views, shares, embeds, searches, and more to reveal your strongest assets.

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“Our goal is when we put something in the DAM, anybody can take that out and be confident that this is the final product that can go out to the public.”
Katia Amyx

Production Designer and Digital Asset Specialist

What you get with marketing resource management

  • Online proofing and approval
  • Creative review stages and project timelines
  • Project management and file sharing integrations
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
  • Quick search, predictive search, faceted search
  • Automatic file conversions
  • Share links and embed codes
  • Collections and Portals
  • Customizable metadata, categories, collections
  • Image recognition and auto tagging
  • Batch uploading and editing
  • Version control and auditing
  • Do-it-yourself automation for custom notifications
  • Asset-level analytics
  • System reporting and dashboards
  • Rights management
  • Secure, scalable cloud infrastructure with AWS
  • Global content delivery network (CDN)
  • Enterprise governance controls
  • Granular roles and permissions