Video Asset Management = Duct Tape Organizer

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Funny story.  When I began my video position at Widen and introduced it as a marketing tool.  It made quite the impact ... so much so, that it started to take on the feel of Duct Tape ... our marketing department wanted to use it for everything. You know what I'm talking about guys, tell me you don't have more than 5 rolls of duct tape on your work bench, yet, when you are at the hardware store, you buy another roll.  You don't want to run out because you can use it on everything.  Yet, when you need to use one of your rolls of duct tape, you can't find one ... Sound familiar?  I know we created a video for that Marketing project, but now I can't find it.  Enter Video Asset Management, as part of Digital Asset Management from Widen Enterprises.  I single out video here, but it applies to images, logos, brochures, and any other type of digital asset.  Since Marketing departments are usually the keepers of all of these assets, we can put it under the umbrella of Marketing Asset Management.  Video management is baked into our DAM system by allowing on-line previews, transcoding to other video formats, and DVD authoring.  The previews and transcoding allows the system to integrate video into your marketing asset workflow for images and logos.  The DVD authoring allows for a specific delivery format specific to video.  Some people are "old skool" and just want to watch videos on a tv.  Widen's DAM is like duct tape ... you can use it for everything.

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